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MS Music from the Movies: The Adventure Collection (Solo Piano)


Číslo produktu: HN112151
Výrobce: MS
naše cena:
668 Kč (25 EUR)

do košíku:

Tato kniha nabízí notové záznamy klavírních skladeb, které můžete znát z těch nejlepších dobrodružných flmů.

Seznam skladeb:

(Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves) [Kamen, Michael]

A Fateful Meeting (King Kong) [Newton Howard, James]

A Happy Ending (Princess Bride) [Knopfler, Mark]

Arthur's Fanfare (First Knight) [Goldsmith, Jerry]

Back To The Future (Back To The Future) [Silvestri, Alan]

'D'Artagnan' Galliard And Air (The Three Musketeers) [Kamen, Michael]

End Credits Theme (Romancing The Stone) [Silvestri, Alan]

Heart Of The King(The Man In The Iron Mask) [Glennie-Smith, Nick]

Hymn To Red October (The Hunt For Red October) [Poledouris, Basil]

Ironclad (Sahara) [Mansell, Clint]

Lawrence Of Arabia [Jarre, Maurice]

Marian At The Waterfall (Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves) [Kamen, Michael]

National Treasure Suite [Rabin, Trevor]

Pandora's Box (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life) [Silvestri, Alan]

Raiders March (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) [Williams (Composer), John]

Rebecca (Plunkett & Macleane) [Armstrong, Craig]

St. Vitus' Dance (A Knight's Tale) [Burwell, Carter]

The Last Of The Mohicans [Jones, Trevor]

The Ludlows (From Legends Of The Fall) [Horner, James]

The Mummy Returns [Silvestri, Alan]

The Sand Volcano (The Mummy) [Goldsmith, Jerry]

The Sundance Kid (Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) [Bacharach, Burt]

Theme (Jurassic Park) [Williams (Composer), John]

Theme (The Beach) [Badalamenti, Angelo]

Will And Elizabeth (Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl) [Badelt, Klaus]

Zorro's Theme (The Mask Of Zorro) [Horner, James]